Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A New Direction…Opportunities for Today & Tomorrow

As we all recognize Detroit is the city proudly known for motion and music-the Motor City and Motown…..and as GM turns 100 years old in 2008 we are reminded once again how important manufacturing and automobiles have been to our city’s and region’s success over the years. But we all know that has been changing and we need to retool ourselves for the opportunities of today and tomorrow. Just look at all the enhancements at our 3 casinos. Based on the research that Goodwill funded several years ago the jobs of today and tomorrow in this region are in administrative/clerical, healthcare, information technology, and hospitality/retail. Goodwill is collaborating with the City of Detroit and Wayne Community College to train people for the hospitality and retail business. It is important for us to work jointly with these and other groups to prepare all that want to experience the “power of work” with the tools and preparation for jobs of today and tomorrow.

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