Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lorna sends a letter to Washington...

To: The Members of the United States House of Representatives and the United States

On behalf of the hardworking men and women of Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit, I want to share with you a story you did not hear during last week’s automotive industry hearings. For more than 80 years, our organization has supplied the domestic automotive industry. Our relationship with the industry has provided many years of productive employment for those who might never have been able to find steady work elsewhere. They are individuals with various physical, mental and social barriers to employment. Detroit’s Goodwill provides both the training and paycheck by producing automotive components. We are expected to perform at the same quality and production standards that all automotive suppliers must adhere to in today’s competitive environment. The revenue we earn as an auto supplier is critical to Goodwill. We rely on that income stream to finance our important mission of training individuals for jobs of the future, particularly those with barriers to employment.

It seems many in Congress want to punish the auto executives by denying them a loan. Please understand that your actions will impact so many others, including people who otherwise would not be able to work at a full-time job and earn a paycheck and the human dignity that comes along with it.

We strongly urge you to pass legislation providing a bridge loan to aid automakers that have been placed in this position because of the global financial crisis, for the good of the American economy, our nation’s future and the people who benefit every day from organizations like ours.


Lorna G. Utley
President and CEO

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