Thursday, September 4, 2008

Get on the Bus!

Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit(GIGD) has kicked off our second annual “Get on the Bus Campaign” to raise funds to meet the transportation needs of our clients who have secured employment, but now need to get to work, mostly via bus.

That is where the rub often is….no paycheck yet to pay for transportation to and from the new job. So that’s why “Get on the Bus” can really make a difference. When one of our “new graduates” needs help with transportation for a month, three months, or for whatever time necessary, Goodwill provides the resources to make that happen – primarily with bus tokens. $50 provides a bus pass for an entire month.

Last year, through our first campaign, we helped more than 700 people with transportation needs. It is just another way that we remove a barrier to work so those we help can do what they so desperately want to do - have a job to provide for themselves and their families.

This year, GIGD is partnering with WJR-760 radio, SMART, Comcast and Caribou Coffee for a whole month (September 2nd through October 3rd) in helping us to get more of our Goodwill “graduates” to their jobs through our “Get on the Bus” efforts.

Then, on October 3rd, SMART will match every $50 we raise with another monthly bus pass. So we can help double the funds. Also on October 3rd, some local McDonald’s with collect donations at their restaurants to support this effort. So join us and “Get on the Bus”, by donating at your local Caribou Coffee, calling 1-866-964-GIVE(4483) or through
. Help people who are helping themselves!


Anonymous said...

This is great! How does one get a bus pass once one qualifies by getting a job?

PSI Seminar Staff said...

Public transportation is wonderful. We must as a community work together to make sure our economy flourishes.